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Custom Made

PoisonBabe specialises in bespoke Belly Dance Costumes, from Tribal to Cabaret to Burlesque and everything in between. She is always ready, satin and sequins in hand, for a new challenge! All styles have passed through her little atelier and come out the other side, sparkling, into eager waiting hands and on to eager waiting hips.


If you would like your own Perfectly Beautiful PoisonBabe Costume delivered to your door, here's what you have to do.


- Peruse the COSTUME category for inspiration.

- Purchase the item / set that is almost what you want.

- Select "custom" in the drop down menus for SIZE and COLOUR.

- Specify your size, colour choice and modifications in the "custom notes"

- Feel free to use the "contact us" form to strike up a conversation about your order before you purchase!


All orders must be purchased before we can start to make anything.


Helpful Hints for Customisation:

You can change colours - fabric, beading and decoration.

You can add or remove fringing.

You can mix and match - that skirt, but with a different top / belt / bra.

You can send photos. While we will not copy another person's design, it is ok for you to give us guidelines and inspiration.

Ask a friend to help you with your measurements! Please see the SIZING GUIDE for details.

Be aware that some changes to items listed on the site may increase the price! More bling equals more ch-ching!


Please note: All embellished belts and bras are limited edition or one of a kind. Each piece is lovingly worked on, and this love needs time. You should calculate approximately 4 to 8 weeks for your costume to be ready for shipping. Please try to give enough time before your performance!


All items are personally designed, monitored, meditated and fussed over by me. Bear in mind that I will have other orders going and other things to do... so please be patient!

I will endeavour to send your order as quickly as possible, and will keep you updated with the progress, sending you progress shots as the item develops.


Clothing and non-beaded items have a quicker turnaround time. 

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