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Hailing originally from old London Town, after blazing a notorious trail across the Globe for, oh, a decade or so, PoisonBabe curtailed a few of her Gypsy ways and settled unexpectedly on the humid, fertile island of Bali, where she has been safely ensconced for, oh, a decade or so.

PoisonBabe has been dressing the Beautiful People since 2003, but in 2010 she decided it was high time to reinvent herself and dedicate more time to her primary passions; Belly dance, Classical Indian Dance, drinking Tea and designing custom made costumes for herself and all the beautiful bellydancing Babes out there.

She is inspired by the beat of the drum, the throbbing of her lover’s heart, the smile of the Goddess in the night sky and the eclectic mix of angels, criminals and general nutters she has befriended during her many journeys.

Each design has been watered with tears and sweat and occasionally blood - although usually someone else's.

These clothes and accessories are worn by bad girls (who are sometimes good) and good girls (who are often bad) all around the world.

We are none of us only one person. We all have many sides, light and dark. Whoever you decide to be today, make sure you're dressed the part.